Fabricare KatNet System

So far, in Indian Industry, the roof workers were left to the mercy of God if they worked without any system or else they used rooftop safety systems while working on Asbestos Cement (A.C.) sheet roofs. These sheets are fragile and visually the weak sheets cannot be differentiated from the good ones. Stepping directly on these sheets has always been a call of a fatal accident. The height from which the worker falls, the object on which he falls prior to hitting the ground are some of the various factors which makes these accidents more dangerous and highly fatal. This accounts for thousands of rooftop accidents every year; most of these are fatal ones.

Use of rooftop safety system alone, limits the speed of work and this was one of the main causes of neglecting the system while actually working on rooftop. The system would be observed, laid in a corner, unused, provided by the employer – the industry awarding the contract of rooftop jobs.

With a definite increased element of safety awareness in Indian Industry on introduction of ratings like ISO etc., the industry would insist on tying of a net at the truss level under the roof even when the working on floor below is in progress. These nets are BULKY and quite CUMBERSOME. Tying them at the truss level is a time consuming, laborious & nightmarish job. The net has to be strong enough because of the momentum, to hold the falling workers from a height. THE FACTOR OF GRAVITY COMES INTO PLAY. Thus, this safer working procedure further limits the speed of the work on rooftop and thus the productivity or the output of work reduces to 10 – 15%. This creates reluctance and then deliberate negligence sets in both, on the part of the contractor and on the part of the employer who employs him as well.

This gave rise to invent some system to SPEED UP THE WORK WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON SAFETY while working on rooftops.

The system “Fabricare KatNet System” consists of two essential parts :

  • “Fabricare KatNet” – A light weight net with its fixing attachments and accessories
  • Rooftop Safety System.
  • Knotted construction, made from polymer rope of approx. 2 mm. dia. with overlocked border
  • Extremely light in weight. With this reduced weight carrying the nets to rooftop & spreading and fixing them is much EASIER TASK, than tying the heavy nets at truss level when the working on floor below is in progress. THIS IS ENTIRELY A NEW CONCEPT.
  • Available in standard panel sizes of 15 Ft. X 5 Ft.
  • Pending Patent No. 1388 / MUM / 04 Dtd. 22/12/2004.

The accessories, “NYLOFIXERS” are specially developed & made from flat nylon straps, eyelets, fixing bolt and special clamps.

  • ENDFIXERS” which is a strap to fix the net to roof bolts.
  • “MIDFIXERS” which is also a strap for fixing one net with adjoining net.

Rooftop safety system, in combination, is EASILY used without any obstruction, comfortably. Nets are fixed to roof with suitable “ENDFIXERS”. The sides of the net are fixed at several points. Two or more nets are placed side by side as per the requirement of that particular job on rooftop. These nets are fixed to each other using “MIDFIXERS”. The rooftop safety system can also be clamped over the nets, if required.

If rooftop safety system is earlier already adequately purchased, which is in use, suitable quantity of only “Fabricare KatNet” nets can be procured.

Advantages of combination

  • Total SAFE AND SPEEDY work on fragile A.C. Roofs.
  • A lightweight net facilitates quick, trouble free job as its easy to carry and install.
  • Nightmarish Installation of BULKY and CUMBERSOME nets below roof is avoided when the activity on shop floor is on going.
  • Shop floor activity can go on without any interference.
  • Thousands of rooftop accidents every year, most of these fatal ones, can be eliminated.
  • Laying, spreading, fixing, uninstalling and shifting is EASY and not time consuming.
  • Easy for storage.
  • Each panel can be packed and stored separately.
  • Available in standard panel lengths and widths. Planning of work in the chamber itself is possible.
  • Availability of this SAFE COMBINATION would avoid friction between management & contractor in deciding the rates of the work.
  • Availability of this SAFE COMBINATION would encourage the worker to work at hazardous heights.

Try out this system and provide the roof worker an IDEAL & SAFE work place to work on and get reed of the nagging and ever bothersome problem of SAFE roof work.

  • “Fabricare KatNet” – A light weight roof net with its fixing attachments and accessories conforming to pending Patent application No. 1388 / MUM / 04 Dtd. 22/12/2004
  • Material : Body rope : H.D.P.E. rope 2 mm. dia. approx.
  • Rope : IS marked by
  • Twine Size: 280D/ 36 ply (2mm twisted)
  • Border rope : H.D.P.E. rope 6 mm. dia. approx. (Garware-Wall Ropes or equivalent)
  • Construction : Knotted construction with interlocked border.
  • Configuration : One set of TEN systems.
    Each system consisting of following
    • Net of Standard Panel Size 15 Ft. X 5 Ft. – 1 No.
    • Endfixers – 23” long – 10 Nos. / set
    • Midfixers – 6” long – 6 Nos. / set
    • Eccentric Clamps – 10 Nos.
    • Ball Nuts – 16 Nos.
    • Bolt Extension accessories – 6 Nos.
  1. Bharat Forge Co. Ltd. Pune
  2. Bhilai Steel Plant Bhilai
  3. Kalyani Carpenter Pune
  4. Kalyani Tech. Management Services Pune
  5. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Nashik
  6. Mukand Ltd., Thane
  7. FACOR Steel Ltd. Nagpur
  8. Ultratech Cement Ltd. Chandrapur
  9. Forbes & Co. Aurangabad
  10. MRF Ltd. Chennai
  11. Cummins India Ltd., Pune
  12. Motor Industries Co. (MICO) Bangalore
  13. ITC Ltd., Kolkata,
  14. Raigad Processors Mahad
  15. Associated Cement Co. Thane
  16. Essar Steels Ltd. Haryana
  17. Vijaynath Interiors Pune
  18. ISMT Ltd., Ahemadnagar
  19. Tea Estates Ltd Chinnamannur
  20. Bajaj Auto Ltd. Pune
  21. Vardhaman Fabrics Sehore, M.P.
  22. Graham Firth Steel Products Ltd., Aurangabad
  23. Indofil Ind. Ltd., Thane
  24. Bajaj Auto Ltd., Aurangabad
  25. Larsen & Toubro Ltd Powai Works
  26. Greaves Ltd. Pune
  27. Tamil Nadu New Print Ltd. Karur

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