“KatNet” System to cover Polycarbonate roof sheets.

Use of A.C. Sheets is gradually decreasing due to Asbestos Health Hazards. They are now being replaced by metal sheets. With increasing power tariffs, industries have started using Polycarbonate or similar translucent sheets to reduce power consumption on illuminating floor below the roof. During day time a marked power saving is observed by this practice. However, with passage of time these sheets can not be differentiated from the metal sheets.

Being PIONEER in manufacturer of Rooftop “KatWalk” and Rooftop “KatNet” systems since 1980, naturally the problem of accidents through such translucent sheets was entrusted to us by many leaders in Indian Industry. We came out with the solution which is approved by them. The “KatNet” system is modified and fixing is devised in such a way that the sheets can be differentiated at a distance. These nets negligibly reduce light passage. Thus stepping on these sheets can be avoided. Even if unconsciously, unintentionally some one steps on it the sheet may get damaged, but, the worker shall remain SAFE. This solution, to avoid accidents, is economical than any other equipment.

“KatNet” salient features:

  • nets and the System Patent is applied for.
  • Made from braided polymer ropes and are having knotted construction.
  • Knotting is done mechanically and not manually.
  • Manufactured to have huge strength to bear the weight of a person.

With recent introduction of this product, many industries are coming forward to choose this system and do away with the basic problem.

These “KatNet” nets are required to be tailor-made since the sheet profiles in metal sheets are not standardised.

  • Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Bharat Forge Co. Ltd.
  • Bhilai Steel Plant
  • Kalyani Carpenter
  • Kalyani Tech. Management Services
  • Forbes & Co.
  • Cummins India Ltd.
  • Essar Steels Ltd.
  • ISMT Ltd.
  • Tea Estates Ltd

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