In many industries, workers are exposed to a high level of noise. Normal tolerance of human body is about 80 to 85 dBs. Researches have made us quite aware that the workers who are exposed to such noise abuse, for a long time are subject to irritation, fatigue, loss of concentration, anxiety, disorientation, rise in blood pressure & heart beats & ultimately total DEAFNESS resulting in loss of their efficiency and directly affects company’s productivity.

KATALIST Safety Systems is a priority sector manufacturing registered S.S.I. Unit No. 270251115107 Dtd. 26/12/2014. Before we introduced “LoBel” earplugs, market had various brands of Ear Plugs with some or the other problem. “Sponge type Ear Plugs” - which maximum industries were using, owing to its absorbing and porous structure, threaten contamination & infection of tender ear skin.

Comparison between functioning of
Katsafety Peg Type Earplugs (Washable, Reusable)
and Foam Type Earplugs

Peg Type Earplugs by Katsafety
Foam Type Earplugs
Point of Contact - Katsafety
Point Of Contact - Foam Type
After a few days - Katsafety
After a few days - Foam Type

The sponge type earplugs need to be held between two fingers to squeeze for inserting to block the ear canal. Sponge type earplugs being porous and absorbing type, absorb every thing including dust, ear fluids & wax in the ear and dirt or chemicals present on soiled fingers of the wearer. What happens when the surface area of contact of earplugs, which has absorbed everything that is present on the fingers of the wearer, is held in position for 5-6 may be even 8-10 hours a day in contact with tender ear skin? Besides, ever threatening possibility of contamination of ear due to this accumulation can not be neglected. In Industry consider possibility of exchange of these earplugs by the workers which increases this possibility many times. Sponge Type Earplugs when washed for reuse, lose their elasticity.

After remarkable brain storming we developed and introduced “LoBel” Earplugs.

To overcome this hazard of Contamination and Infection KATALIST introduces user-friendly peg type “LoBel” earplugs.

  CE marked “LoBel” “LoBel” Earplugs “Shanti” earplugs
Tested from The product is tested at BGIA, Germany and conforms to EN 352 – 2 NPL, New Delhi ENT Specialist, Pune
Type “LoBel” is 100% INDIGENOUS product. “LoBel” are being offered for EXPORTS now. “100% INDIGENOUS product “Reusable type”. “100% INDIGENOUS product “Reusable type”.

The striking features of “LoBel” earplugs are :

  • Non-absorbing raw material : The raw material used for manufacture of “LoBel” is non-absorbing unlike sponge / foam type earplugs absorbing everything on wearer’s fingers.
  • Untouched area of contact with tender ear skin : The “LoBel” is provided with a stem to hold the earplugs for insertion in the ear. Unlike absorbing sponge / foam type earplugs these are not required to squeeze for insertion. This avoids any possible contamination.
  • Ultra soft material : The material used is ultra soft.
  • Peg type construction : Peg type construction ensures full blockage at ear drum unlike fin construction.

Since these earplugs are non-absorbing type, their life is 6-7 times more than that of other sponge type earplugs. Thus, these earplugs prove to be far more economical.

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