To make “personal safety” viable and accessible the world over with various products for personal safety in Industry, Air Lines as well as in common life and to make KATALIST a dependable source.


To make dedicated efforts with care to develop world-class personal safety devices with easy access, minimum cost and maximum efficacy while building awareness of ways to ensure personal safety in various environments.

Katalist Safety Systems since 1979

In 1979, first system was designed by us to provide a roof worker adequate protection. Till the system was introduced in 1980, in Indian Industry, the roof workers were left to the mercy of GOD when they worked without any system on top of the Asbestos Cement (A.C.) sheet roofs. Stepping directly on these sheets has always been a call of a fatal accident. Lest we forget that he is a breadwinner of his family. The height from which the worker falls, the object on which he falls prior to hitting the ground are some of the factors which make these accidents dangerous and highly fatal. Casual view of the employers towards value of human life lead to . . . a law . . .

Various State Governments vide their Factory Rules, demand protection to roof worker while he is on the roof. However, nothing was available to protect him till 1980, in India. Factory Inspectorate appreciated this system. The system received praise from Managements of the cross section of the industries and Factory Directorates throughout the country. Different bodies acknowledged this by bestowing several prestigious awards for its design.

During marketing of above Safety System for safe working on roof, we confronted the problem of inadequate protrusion of bolts due to corrosion, thereby fixing of the system failed. To overcome this problem, in 1987-88, we invented Patented “DRIPGRIP” system a process of Zinc-Phosphating and polymer coating of the bolts and polymer accessories in place of primitive & crude G.I. bolts and bitumen washers used since 1936. This replacement received warm welcome in the industries on coastline and chemical & other corrosion prone industries, as they have a genuine product which is economical too in long run.

With a definite increased element of safety awareness in Indian Industry, on introduction of ratings like ISO etc., the industry, while working on roof, would insist on tying of a net at the truss level under the roof even when the working on floor below is in progress. Because of the momentum of the falling worker from a height, the net has to be strong enough to hold him. The factor of gravity comes into play. These nets are BULKY and quite CUMBERSOME. Tying them at the truss level is a time consuming, laborious & nightmarish job. This prompted us to invent some system, with which work will speed up without compromising on safety, while working on rooftops. We designed and manufacture Fabricare KatNet System – a lightweight net to be fixed on top of roof & not below.

In 1999, we were entrusted another major health & hygiene hazard. Though disposable, as claimed by the manufacturers, Industries all over used foam / sponge type earplugs for a week or so before they were soiled & thrown, sometimes user was subjected to contamination and infection. These being absorbing type, would absorb everything on the hands of the wearer – oil, dust, grease, chemicals etc. To overcome the menace of high-level noise, and an alternative to hazardous, yet traditional foam type, we designed & manufactured Peg Type “LoBel” earplugs. They received overwhelming welcome in industries. Having established ourselves in the Indian Industry across the country, we now concentrate on export of our systems.

In 2002, CBI - an agency working under the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Govt. of The Netherlands, we were selected for EXPRO 40 in Oct. 2002, on passing through their tough scrutiny of selection. This is a program to make industries capable of exporting their Personal Protective Equipments to European Union.

“LoBel” earplugs have got coveted “CE” marking now & certification from BGIA, Sankt Augustin, Germany. They conform to EN 352-2. They were exhibited in Oct. 2005 in A+A 2005 – a fair of P.P.E. in Düsseldorf, Germany. Now, the product is being exported to Europe & other countries because of its outstanding merits over foam type earplugs.

The Product range of KATALIST . . .

  • Safety during working at height
    1. “Fabricare” Rooftop KatWalk System - Patented
      A system to work safely on fragile A.C. Roofs.
    2. “Fabricare” KatNet System – Patent Pending
      Total SAFE AND SPEEDY work on Roof Sheets.
    3. “Fabricare” PolySheet KatNet Cover
      Net covering system for Polycarbonate roof sheets.
    4. “Fabricare” LifeLine KatAnchor
      Fixture / Anchorage to tie horizontal Life Line on Rooftop
    5. “Fabricare” TrapSafe Safety Nets
      Safety Nets of P.P. or H.D.P.E. for working at hazardous heights.
  • Noise Abuse Defence
    1. CE marked “LoBel” peg type earplugs - conforming to EN 352-2 non-absorbing, with untouched surface area and ultra soft,
    2. “LoBel” peg type earplugs
      non-absorbing, with untouched surface area, ultra soft, washable and reusable
    3. “Shanti” Earplugs
      non-absorbing, with untouched surface area, ultra soft, washable and reusable
      Low price reusable version without change in quality of “LoBel”.

Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured under the strict quality assurance and international standards. Since we deal in Industrial Safety Systems, we are leaving nothing to chance and always ensure the quality of our products.


  • Two sub-committees of Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi.
  • Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, Pune
  • National Small Industries Corporation, New Delhi
  • National Safety Council, Mumbai

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