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India has been growing into an industrial hub since the time of the British. Factory workers around the country are exposed to various hazards and risks. We, at KATALIST, have been pioneers in inventing new ideas in SAFETY SOLUTIONS, by doing Research and Development, Patenting Products, finally Manufacturing and Marketing them.

Market is full of “traders”. It is very disheartening to know that little emphasis is given on research and development of a product to make the life of the factory workers SAFE & easy. It is marketed with little knowledge about its application. Hence, there is increasing number of accidents in various industries. Lack of Sincere Desire and Empathy to ensure the welfare of the workers, could be one of the reasons for the poor results expected in safety management. It is truly said “Danger never takes a vacation” thus, safety is one issue that cannot be compromised with.

It is ironical that little importance is given to the merit of the system and is procured merely by comparing its price, often at the cost of worker’s safety. It is rightly said “There is hardly anything in the world that A MAN cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper. Those who consider PRICE only are this man’s LAWFUL PREY.” A famous saying goes as “Every Cat has nine lives”. Sadly not for MAN. So SAFETY has no alternative.

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